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A cardiologist died and was given an elaborate funeral.

A huge Heart covered in flowers stood behind the casket during the


Following the eulogy, the heart opened, and the casket rolled inside. The

heart then closed, sealing the doctor in the beautiful heart


At that point, one of the mourners burst into laughter. When all eyes

stared at him, he said, %26quot;I%26#039;m sorry, I was just thinking of my own funeral...I%26#039;m a


The proctologist fainted.

Now that%26#039;s funny! Too bad I can only give you 1 star.
Reply:that was funny
Reply:Nice one!
Reply:LOL, thats a good one!!!

I wonder what the dentist will have to say on this!
Reply:Paddlepop, you have made my day!

lucky gynecologist then.

thanks for posting.
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Reply:That was def a good one I like it alot I laughed

Jewish funeral ?

I have friends who are very strict jewish people. Their daughter passed away from cancer early this AM. The funeral is Monday. Ive heard that flowers are inapropriate. So what should I send? There is no memorial for funds. What is appropriate? I do plan of going to the funeral, I dont know much about the jewish faith so is there anything that is taboo at a funeral, that maybe %26quot;normal%26quot; in other religions?

Jewish funeral ?
There are a few things to note:

We sometimes take flowers but NOT on the day of the funeral, rather later if you visit the grave.

When you speak to the parents, the traditional Jewish phrase is to say %26#039;I wish you long life%26#039;. They will be touched that you say this :)

All you need to do is, as with a non Jewish festival, wear sombre clothing, and just follow everyone else! You might find the funeral rather austere if you%26#039;re used to Christian ceremonies, to be honest. You will notice that some people, usually the younger ones, do not walk out onto the %26#039;grounds%26#039;, in other words, they don%26#039;t go to the actual graveside. There is a belief that if one%26#039;s parents are both alive, one shouldn%26#039;t do this, so don%26#039;t be surprised if some people wait behind.

The prayers will be in Hebrew and you will all be given a small prayer book. I presume the family are sitting shiva afterwards? If you are going to this, again there will be prayers.

I think a nice gesture, perhaps in a week or two, would perhaps be to make a donation to one of the cancer charities; I imagine the family would appreciate that and it is entirely appropriate.

Another option, is to organise for a tree to be planted in Israel in the name of the deceased. Again, this is a very sweet and appropriate thing to do.

I hope this is helpful. I%26#039;m sure it%26#039;s a little bit nerve wracking for you but really, don%26#039;t worry :) The family will appreciate you being there.

Shalom :)
Reply:Bring food. Stop by a kosher bakery or eatery and pick up some food to bring by, but make sure it is completely kosher. Don%26#039;t mix meat and dairy in it, either. Bring either a dairy meal or a meat meal, not both. If you don%26#039;t feel comfortable bringing food, you could make a donation in their daughter%26#039;s or their family%26#039;s name to a charity of your choice, like Magen David Adom (The Red Magen the Red Cross, but with a Star of David instead.) Sometimes even, it is best just to offer your friendship. Dress conservatively, and remember that is it not necessarily things that you bring, but the words and the feelings you bring to them.

This might help you
Reply:Funerals are deliberately egalitarian in Judaism; all Jews, rich and poor, are buried with a minimum amount of fuss, so that the poor aren%26#039;t shamed in their bereavement by an inability to give the departed a showy send-off.

Be true as a human, and you%26#039;ll do fine at a Jewish funeral.
Reply:By %26#039;strict jewish people%26#039; you don%26#039;t bring anything, just stand quietly by the funeral and after the funeral before you leave you say %26quot;may you never know of any more pain%26quot;. this will be most appreciated!
Reply:If they have not directed monies to a particular cause, I would choose a worthy and appropriate organization and make a donation in her memory.

In this case that could either be to a fund within the synagogue, or to one of the following organizations-


childhood cancer foundation

Any organization associated with the particular cancer she had - you can simply google the cancer she had along with the word %26quot;foundation%26#039; or %26#039;non-profit%26#039;.

People want to %26#039;DO%26#039; something when someone dies, I directed memorial contributions to Ronald McDonald House (which serves families with a child undergoing cancer treatment), a summer camp for kids with cancer and their siblings, and direct research.

Alternatively, you might wait a bit and ask them if they are planning a memorial scholarship, then send money for that.

I also set up a scholarship, but it wasn%26#039;t until about four months later.

So depending on her age, interests and lifestyle there are many worthy ways to honor her life.

Yes, flowers are inappropriate.

Other than that...just know that in Judaism we are all buried equally. There%26#039;s no display of %26#039;grandiosity%26quot; at Jewish funeral.

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Funerals, do you send flowers or make donations ?

When my mother and dad died it meant so much to me to read the cards, sometimes that is just as good. I now a lot of times send the person a card and put $20 in it

Funerals, do you send flowers or make donations ?
Reply:neither. i write. flowers die too. money is everywhere.
Reply:Make donations
Reply:For my Grandfather%26#039;s funeral, we had people make donations to St. Jude instead of sending flowers. It was more fitting since My niece is a patient.
Reply:if its a relative my siblings and I will send flowers.If its a friend,I usually make a donation.
Reply:Both. I also call. I even send them food.
Reply:Both but I think donations would be better.
Reply:i usually just give the family money
Reply:do both
Reply:make donation
Reply:If they give a place for a requested donation I usually do that. There are always so many flowers sent.
Reply:I like to make donations.I have only sent flowers once.
Reply:%26quot;Get Well Soon%26quot; cards
Reply:Both, plus attend,pray and mingle w/ the assembled multitude unless of course it%26#039;s your own.
Reply:Depends on the deceased. We%26#039;ve shot fireworks before.
Reply:Flowers. I really should make donations, but for some reason it%26#039;s easier to get flowers.
Reply:It is correct to do either one.
Reply:I have done both, but now I usually give memorial Gideon%26#039;s Bibles in that person%26#039;s name. Another possibility is, when my Uncle died we gave my Aunt a concrete bench for her yard. She loves it. Here%26#039;s another, buy and plant a tree in the family%26#039;s yard in memory of the person.
Reply:Up to you. Which ever one you think they%26#039;ll appreciate more from you.
Reply:Neither I pay the mortgage or a utility bill for 2 months to help out the family. And if possible I do it without them knowing.
Reply:Whatever the family requests as the funeral is to help with their grieving and to grant them closure.

$ speaks louder no matter what.

And of course, caring action.
Reply:donations the flowers are nice but they can%26#039;t help the family with any expenses that they may incounter

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Do you like to have fresh flowers in your house?

I know not everyone likes them...would you believe my friends mother does not like fresh flowers...guess why she says they remind her of funerals.

I love fresh flowers and i think they make the place look nice.

Do you like to have fresh flowers in your house?
I love them. Roses are beautiful %26amp; it%26#039;s great to have the touch the nature inside your house, makes it feel lively %26amp; reminds you how colorful this world can be.
Reply:Yes we buy fresh flowers every other week...only carnations remind me of funerals
Reply:I totally agree with you 100%. Flowers make evreything pretty and they smell so nice, and they are just wonderful to have around! : )
Reply:I always like to have fresh flowers in my home. They add a nice fragrance and brighten up any room.
Reply:I have fresh picked roses in my kitchen window.
Reply:No, I hate watching them die.
Reply:yes always,and over 200 house plants and tree%26#039;s
Reply:I love house plants but my plants caught a mold last year and I have to get rid of all of them. Right now I am plant-less. Instead I have been taking care of my mothers flower beds, she died two years ago. I am not buying any house plants until the next time I move.
Reply:makes me feel special, even ig i buy them myself or cut them in the yard
Reply:I love fresh flowers !!!! They Brighten up a room and they cheer me up!
Reply:i luv to have it fresh
Reply:Yes, I can%26#039;t wait for my lilacs to bloom.
Reply:Yes, i absolutely love fresh flowers in the house. :)
Reply:yes i do but i don%26#039;t buy them very often unless i have some left over grocery money
Reply:I love fresh flowers, but I%26#039;d rather have them outside. They last longer that way. I%26#039;ve got a yard full of flowers.
Reply:yes i like


Do you bring flowers to a viewing?

A friends father died, do you bring flowers to a viewing at a funeral home? What is appropriate? Thanks.

Do you bring flowers to a viewing?
Have them delivered. When you go, take food with you. Not for yourself, but for the kitchen. Something light- sandwiches or something. Also, if nobody does it, make a pot of coffee.
Reply:Usually there are a lot of floral arrangements at the viewing when you arrive, from family members, etc. a card is nice to take. You being there is the best token of showing your sympathy.

There is no rule that says you cant bring flowers. If you want to bring a small arrangement for your personal friend, I think you should.
Reply:If your bring flowers, it needs to be in an arrangement that will be set by the coffin. The currator will know what to do with them. Having them delivered is optimal but not always an option. Your friend is going to have so much on their mind that you do NOT need to bother them directly with where a flower agrrangement should go.

Take a little pack of tissues with you. And dont be offended if they are not social just be there if your freind needs an ear.

Any cards of sympathy needs to be mailed though, it will be too much to deal with the day of the funeral.

good luck
Reply:have them delivered before you get there.
Reply:Read this. It will answer your question directly.
Reply:delivered is better
Reply:No, you do not bring flowers to a viewing. You may send flowers thru a florist, but it is not necessary. Ususally this is done by someone who cannot attend or family members. Catholics give Mass cards. You may bring or mail a card. The best gift you can give at this time is just being there for your friend.
Reply:Call the funeral home and ask. Some religions do NOT have flowers at all. If you want them to have flowers, you go to a florist (or call them) and have them delivered to the funeral home.

It%26#039;s not a bad idea to send flowers a couple of weeks later, either, in case you didn%26#039;t send them to the funeral home. Your friend won%26#039;t have any flowers left from the funeral (if they took some home or if some were delivered to the house) and yours will brighten their day.
Reply:i would send a bouquet to their huse instead, saying sorry and that you are thinking of them
Reply:no, have them delivered
Reply:No, you have the florist deliver them..........

genealogy mormon

Do you bring flowers to a viewing?

A friends father died, do you bring flowers to a viewing at a funeral home? What is appropriate? Thanks.

Do you bring flowers to a viewing?
I wouldn%26#039;t, personally. I%26#039;ve never seen it done before, either. I usually bring cards for the family. There will already be plenty of flowers there because part of the funeral process is selecting flowers (not mandatory, but common)

One time I brought a framed picture of the deceased (when he was alive) to give to his mother.

You should definitely bring a card, I think they will be very grateful.
Reply:not with you as far as i know, but it is very appropriate to have them sent to the funeral home by a flower shop

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Drying flowers?

how excatly can i dry some flowers? they are from my grandpas funeral so they are special.rite now i have them tied together and hanging up on the wall away from the air conditioner will that work? what else should i do?

Drying flowers?
Make sure and tie them together tightly....then spray a light mist of water on them and hang them upside down....once upside down, wait about an hour, and then spray a light mist of arosol hair spray..this will help them keep their color and shape. Make sure to spray the hair spray when they are hanging upside down. Leave them to dry for about a week, and then place them in a nice vase.
Reply:yes that will work, also you can put them in a big book to flatten em , good luck.
Reply:i have tied mine, turned the flowers upside

down and then sprayed the flowers with

hair spray.

John 17:3.
Reply:And if the stems are thin and blossoms heavier, hang them upside down..god idea to do that anyway...and if you hang them where there is no light they will hold their color better..

Some of the more delicate ( roses) should be dried with silica sand if freeze drying is not an option...
Reply:I%26#039;m terribly sorry about the lose of your grandfather. You can dry flowers that way, but there is no guarantee how they will turn out. If you can%26#039;t have the freeze dried, then I would recommend Silica Gel or sand as a good method for drying. Here is a site that may offer some options and direction.

Good Luck

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